Saturday Halaqa for High School Boys

Born and raised most of my life in the state of Minnesota. I moved to the Cary area two years ago, where I graduated high school. I am currently a student at UNC-Chapel Hill. The program at IAR that I am involved with is the Saturday night high school boys halaqa, where high schoolers learn about certain hadiths, importance on certain ayahs of Quran, or discussion on how to handle certain situations from an Islamic perspective.

My passion for working with our youth stems from the desire to better our community and its members. The youth are the future of our community, therefore I enjoy doing all I can to help the youth grow and learn. Also it is important that our youth come together to bond and recognize that we as an ummah are one; so I seek to give opportunities to where the youth can come together and bond through the Saturday night high school boys halaqa. Overall, I seek to better the community by working with the youth to expand their knowledge on their religion, and give them proper advice on how to handle certain situations they may face.


High School MSA

Ahmed Ayad is a longtime Cary, NC resident since 1982 who spent 20 years as an active participant in the IAR youth committee. From 1999-2000 Ahmed served as the NC State MSA president and has led a variety of functions within other community. Ahmed has also led youth programs in Atlanta and Phoenix before moving back to Cary, NC in 2014. Ahmed is passionate about the youth program because of its impact on him and his family over the years.

Professionally, Ahmed serves as a Director at Blue Cross of North Carolina. In addition to this he also serves as an Adjunct Professor for Wesleyan College by teaching and creating courses focused on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. Ahmed is a certified Master Black Belt from Arizona State University as well as a certified Project Manager. He completed an MBA at Aspen University in Colorado and graduated with a BS degree from North Carolina State University. Ahmed currently resides in Apex, North Carolina with his wife and three daughters.

Farrah KHAN

Friday Night Girls Program

Upon arriving in North Carolina, my family and I adopted the Raleigh masjid as our second home.  We fell in love with the community and we continue to be grateful for spiritual growth and service opportunities with which we have been blessed.  The religious leaders and teachers within this community have been mentors for all of us.  I am honored to be entrusted with your daughters, and it is my prayer that I am able to help them develop a personal connection with the Glorious Quran. Using games, talks, and other activities, it is my hope to teach our girls to turn to Allah at every stage of life, to live our Islam with the best of intentions and manners.

Yasmeen Khan

Clubs & Sessions

Over the past years I have had the honor of working with the youth of the IAR in various capacities. Being close in age to many of the attendees I am able to empathize with their struggles and emotions. My passion is to connect with the younger generation by developing trust, friendship, and mentorship. I hope to use the best example of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) to support the youth in developing strong Islamic characteristics within our modern American context.

Niveen Allan

Service Projects

Grew up between Brooklyn, NY and Palestine. She’s began her charity work by volunteering at the Islamic school and the programs
her children attended while residing in New Jersey. She relocated to the triangle area in 2013 and has brought her passion along with her; involving herself in various community endeavors ranging from youth programs, refugee services, senior care, food and
clothing drives for the needy, and domestic violence awareness. We pray that Allah accepts and safeguard her intentions, allows her efforts to spread far and wide, and grant her the highest level of Paradise, Ameen!

Amira Ata

Refugee Youth Halaqa

Amira Ata has been part of the community all of her life. Amira graduated from NSCU and is now a Payroll Associate and Refugee Lead of Social Welfare Committee. She enjoys working with the youth and refugees because it is near to her heart.  She comes from a mixed family background dealing with various issues and identifies herself as being a Black Palestinian American female. She wants the youth to identify themselves as being strong American Muslims. Being a teacher at An-Noor Quran Academy for 4 years, she has a strong passion for kids and education. Her goal for 2018 is to empower the youth of the committee and encourage the youth to reach their fullest potential.

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